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1 Hour Christian Meditation On Financial Abundance | Bible Affirmation

1 Hour Christian Meditation On Financial Abundance | Bible Affirmation

God tell us in the Bible to meditate upon His word and if we do so it will unlock blessings upon our lives. This meditation is for those who are seeking abundance whether financial or spiritual. The more we hear Gods truth audibly it gets deep down within our spirit and filters out the lies of the world. Meditating upon the word of God washes our mind and retrains our thinking renewing us into the image of His Son. Hearing is one thing but once we learn and begin to confess His truth over our lives we will begin to see our situation transformed for His glory!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. | Romans 10:17

This meditation Helps With

• Banishing Worry • Financial Stability • Achieving Your Dreams • Saving Money • Getting Out Of Debt • Overcoming a Poverty Spirit •

If God has given you the VISION He will also provide the PROVISION all in proper timing!



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