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Heavenly Father / Mother Earth | Interactive Guided Meditation


Heavenly Father / Mother Earth | Interactive Guided Meditation
As above so it is below, As within, so it is without.
We are created in the image and likeness of our Heavenly Father but it is from out of the womb of The Mother was mankind formed.
Many people are out of alignment, unbalanced, depressed and dealing with all types of other stresses that have attached themselves to us throughout our busy day to day lives.

This meditation will allow you to ground yourself and reconnect with the divine feminine and masculine energies from our Heavenly Fatherand Mother Earth bringing about balance to every area of your life.

The visualization itself is 16 minutes but allows you to stay in encounter to have your own unique experience.

Run Time 1 Hour

This interactive guided meditation is equipped with binaural beats, healing tones and frequencies allowing the listener to achieve heightened states of awareness. This meditation is also accompanies by voice actors and sound effect creating a fully immersive mystical experiences for the listener.



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