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What Is Christian Meditation?

What Is Christian Meditation?

Your Ultimate Guide To Christian Meditation

What Is Christian Meditation?

It is a misconception that the concept of ‘meditation’ is only present in Buddhism. Meditation has its roots in Hinduism and Christianity as well. Meditation in the normal sense means to focus attention on yourself by disregarding the noises outside. However, Christian meditation refers to having a deeper connection with God. It will not only help you to understand the verses of the Bible and lead life accordingly, but will also give you inner peace.

Meditation has been mentioned in Bible 20 times, so its importance certainly cannot be stressed more. If you want to do Christian meditation, you should meditate on the Scripture, as it will bring you closer to God. Here are the steps you should follow to meditate.

Plan and prepare for the meditation

You should always meditate in a quiet place. The main objective of Christian meditation is to focus on God and you won’t be able to do that if you are surrounded by people. It is best to meditate when everyone is asleep or lock yourself in a room for some time.


You need to be consistent with your meditation, so you should choose the same time of the day to meditate so that it becomes a routine. You should choose a comfortable place to sit. It’s not necessary to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, resting your arms on your knees; if you find it comfortable to sit in your bed with a cushion at your back, you can do so.

Choose a verse from the Bible

This meditation focuses on reflecting on a particular Bible verse. You can pick up a verse you like and write it down on a small card. Read the verse several times till the meaning gets into your head. That way you will be able to reflect on its meaning. If you are having a problem focusing, then you should write your thoughts down. You should try to relate the meaning of the verse to your life. After you have meditated for 5 to 10 minutes, you can finish your meditation session by praying to God. As you get used to it, you can increase the time of your meditation.

Use an app

Now you can get Christian Guided Meditation apps to download on your mobile phones such as the one we provide on this site. These apps include features like worship music and meditation timer helping you to focus on your meditation. The apps can also suggest you verses that you can read during meditation.

Christian meditation will make you understand the Bible better. It will bring you closer to God. You will be able to reflect the teachings of Jesus in your daily life and grow in inner peace and happiness.


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