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Soaking In The Holy Spirit Music Meditation (Amazing!)

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Soaking In The Holy Spirit Music Meditation lets you encounter God in a beautiful way! Lay at the feet of God and soak up his presence!

In the presence of The Holy Spirit, our strength is renewed. We must continually lay at the feet of Christ and make it a habit.

During soakings session in God’s presence, our burdens are lifted and joy in imparted. You will also receive healing in areas of your life that you are not even aware of!

Above all else, God is faithful.

Allow yourself to find a quiet place where you can spend a few minutes in His presence.

Let Him lavish His love upon you and speak to your heart.
This audio contains beautiful meditation / soaking music as well as voice narrations to give you messages from the Holy Spirit!

Run time 1hr


Listen To Sample:

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Christian Sleep Meditation

Christian Sleep Meditation

Christian Guided Meditation

Christian Guided Meditation


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