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Marilyn Manson Prays With Justin Bieber and Kanye West!

Marilyn Manson was invited to “Sunday Service” by Kanye West and ended up letting Kanye and Justin Bieber pray for him.

The entire crowd was wearing white robes and head coverings (which represent purity) and the prayer, praise and worship were just as pure and heart felt.

The powerful moment was caught on film and is posted below.

Marilyn Manson Prays With Justin Bieber and Kanye West!
Marilyn Manson Prays With Justin Bieber and Kanye West

In the video you can see Manson nodding his head as Justin thanks God for the Holy Spirit, God’s forgiveness and many other things. Justin also rebuked any demonic activity that would be present on this day (Halloween) and Manson nods his head in agreement again.

Marilyn Manson, Justin Bieber and Kanye West

The video and pictures were posted to the Twitter profile of Kenny Bear

We never know what a person is going through. As Christians, we should continue to pray for Manson, as well as Kanye and Justin.

Justin Bieber Praying

Both Justin Bieber and Kanye West have released amazing Christian albums and are believers in Christ who are very outspoken about their faith.

Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper

God’s love has the power to change anyone. Marilyn Manson in many people’s eye is the epitome of evil. But the reality is that he is just a normal human being, just like everyone else. Thank God that people like Kanye and Justin Bieber did not give up on this “Born Villain” and see him through the lens of love and compassion, as does Jesus.

Marilyn Manson is strongly influenced by the art and music of shock rocker Alice Cooper, who also wears makeup and has a strange, dark aesthetic on stage. As someone like Alice Cooper who seems to be evil or what someone would call a devil worshiper, yet in reality is a very devout Christian. Alice is quoted as saying his music and stage show is very different from the person that he truly is. Alice Cooper has had conversations with Marilyn Manson about Jesus as well. God has people in position to represent him in every walk of life, industry and so on.

There are many others in the Hard Rock and Metal Genre who are just as devout in their faith as Christians who are also outspoken about who Jesus is in their lives. A few on the list include Dave Mustane from Megadeth, John Cooper From Skillet, Brian “Head” Welch from the band KoRn, Sonny Sandoval from the band P.O.D. and many others!


Manson Shared Stage At Kanye West’s “Donda” Concert

Marilyn Manson was also at the Kanye West “Donda” album release listening party / concert. Although he didn’t perform his part, he was sure to make an appearance on stage with Kanye. Marilyn featured on the remix of Kanye’s Jail Pt. 2′ which also features DaBaby.

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