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Exorcist Bob Larson Confronted A Christian Mystic, It Didn’t Go As Planned

Bob Larson was in for a surprise when he invited a Christian Mystic on to his YouTube channel for a debate. We could all learn something from this exchange.

Exorcist Bob Larson

Exorcist Bob Larson invited Christian Mystic TruthSeekah onto his popular YouTube channel to share his testimony. Little did TruthSeekah know that the invite was bait for an in-your-face heated debate.

TruthSeekah was surprised to see the promo material for his interview that was promoted as a debate. TruthSeekah posted this image and commentary on his official Facebook page.

It seems like instead of a normal interview, audiences were to expect a debate based on this poster from Bob Larson’s social account and YouTube thumbnail. Adding a ‘VS’ makes it seem like Bob Larson wanted to start an intense argument with his guest.


Even at the beginning of the video, Bob Larson sounded like he’s skeptical about TruthSeekah being a “Christian”. It was very evident even until the end of the interview.

Screenshot From Bob Larson's YouTube
Screenshot From Bob Larson’s YouTube

Wow. I was invited on to share my testimony and they put out the promo material to look like a debate. I was a huge fan of Bob Larsons work when I surrendered my heart back to Christ in 2000, so I see it as an honor to speak with him. But, I’m not one to debate or convince anyone of anything. Looks like he wants to expose me for being a devil worshipper or something. This is tonight. A huge part of me doesn’t want to do it…. 😞. What would you do?TruthSeekah’s Facebook Page

It Did Not Go As Planned

Bob Larson showed a piece of paper. It was a printed copy of a certain part of TruthSeekah’s website in which Bob pointed out what TruthSeekah does particularly the use of terminologies which he referred to as witchcraft stuff and not a part of Christianity. He then mentioned casting out demons. This is where the heated argument began. For the sake of those who are not familiar with Bob Larson, he is an exorcist. According to his biography online, he is the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena and created several books about demons and exorcism. TruthSeekah also casts out demons like him.

You Cast Out Demons!? How?

Bob Larson made TruthSeekah explain how he cast out demons. While explaining, Bob interrupted him and said something about not answering his questions directly. They begin to have banter about it. Bob and TruthSeekah’s beliefs about casting out demons are greatly different from each other and this causes Bob to question TruthSeekah’s answers when being asked about how he cast out demons. While TruthSeekah describes things subjectively, Bob on the other hand wanted a concrete answer from him.


Furthermore, the way that we see it, it seems that Bob is judging TruthSeekah’s ability to cast out demons. He wanted to make it appear that TruthSeekah is into occult and demonic stuff. He bombarded him with questions and biblical stuff to make it seems that TruthSeekah is not a typical Bible believer when in reality TruthSeekah loves and believes in Christ and the love of God. Bob Larson didn’t seem to understand his perspective and kept on going about how TruthSeekah is an “apologetic”. They talked about hell and the two shared different views about it.

We Saw The Fruit Of The Holy Spirit On Display!

He was losing his temper while on the other hand, TruthSeekah remained calm and confident with his answers. He thought he’ll dig dirt on him but he didn’t get the response he was expecting. Bob Larson seems very set in his ways. TruthSeekah on the other hand held out to his own. He was talking about his intentions, and how Eastern and Western spirituality intertwines. It is all the same message but they just have different ways of saying it.

We will see what will happen next as Bob Larson agreed to go on TruthSeekah’s podcast next time.

TruthSeekah Was All Smiles During His Heated Talk With Exorcist Bob Larson
TruthSeekah Was All Smiles During His Heated Talk With Exorcist Bob Larson

Watch The Full Bob Larson VS TruthSeekah Video Below

Here is the full video of TruthSeekah and Bob Larson.

TruthSeekah Responds To Bob Larson In An Interview The Next Day

After that intense interview with Bob Larson, TruthSeekah went on another show the following day which is Corina Pataki’s show on YouTube named The Quest For Truth. In this interview, he recalls the things that happened in the interview. You’ll further understand and have a deep look at TruthSeekah’s life and why Bob Larson misunderstood him as you listen to his testimonies and encounter with God in Corina’s show.


Christian or not, we are all God’s creation. We may have different beliefs and practices but at the end of the day, we only want to praise and speak the words of God. We just need to respect each other’s beliefs and be more open-minded.



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