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Prayers For Anxiety

We believe in the power of prayer and have seen God do mighty things in the lives of people who humbly ask in prayer. We believe with you in faith that your anxiety will be defeated in Jesus name!

Prayers For Anxiety

Prayers for anxiety allows God’s perfect peace into your life. These powerful prayers will stop anxiety and transform your situation.


It is not about stress management, it’s about abiding in Him!

That’s where peace continually flows from!


You can be assured that God’s heart is restoration, and it is His will for your life to be free from anxiety and walk in His peace. That’s a promise.

Anxiety can be crippling, yet it has no place in the life of the believer. Jesus paid a huge price to bring God’s peace to us. This is an AMAZING benefit! (Psalm 103:2)


We can all agree that worry, doubt and fear tries to pop its ugly head into our lives, almost daily. But guess what?

We can stand on God’s word daily also!


When the enemy tries to come in like a flood, the Lord God will raise up a standard! (Isaiah 59:19)

The word of God will NEVER lose its power and potency, and it will always go forth and do the thing that it was set out to do. (Isaiah 55:11)


God has given us his word to strengthen, encourage, equip and comfort. These prayers and Bible declarations will cancel any anxiety that you may face.

Read these prayers for anxiety over yourself and feel God’s love eradicate anything that is not of him.


Prayers For Anxiety

God, I ask you to heal my heart and quiet my mind. Remove this feeling of anxiety and overwhelm from my life. Let me see myself and my situation the way that you see. Remove this mountain and cast it into the sea, I ask you in the name of Jesus, amen.

Prayer For Anxiety

Prayers To Stop Focusing On Anxiety

Dear heavenly father, I asked you to send forth your peace into my life, take away the stress and allow me to see clearly. Give me Clarity of vision so that I may see you working in my life. May I see Jesus and not my problems, allow me to focus on him instead of my anxiety. In Jesus name, amen.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to be more real to me right now than my present situation and circumstance. My anxiety and my stress have gotten the best of me, and I feel broken. Comforter, I asked you to comfort me in my time of need. Let my gaze and my faith be only in you, because I know you are the Prince of Peace, amen.


Prayers For Anxiety and Stress

Father God, I ask you to carry my burden and send forth your peace. I know that in your word you said that your yoke is easy, and your burden is light. Right now, I give you my stress and my anxiety that I may receive your grace into my life. In Jesus mighty name, amen.

Prayer For Anxiety and Stress
Prayer For Anxiety and Stress

Prayers For Anxiety Over Finances

Father, I ask you to give increase to my finances. I trust that you are Jehovah Jireh, you are my provider, and I thank you with all of my heart. Ask you to remove any anxiety from my life concerning finances in provision. Father I give you my past oh, I give you my present oh, and I give you my future. Thank you for peace in Jesus name, amen

Father, I thank you right now that my finances and my provision are falling into place. Right now, they are coming into alignment with your word. I think you for abundance, and I think you that as a child of God that you meet all of my needs according to your riches and Glory. God, I thank you that you own the cattle on a thousand hills. I thank you that you know what it is that I am in need of before I even ask. I stand on your word, your promises, and I ask in faith all of these things in Jesus name.


Prayers For Anxiety Worry

Father, worry and doubt seem to have gotten the best of me. I’m asking for your help in my time of need. Please, restore unto me the joy of my salvation, where all that I cared about was you. My anxiety has gotten the best of me and I asked for your peace today in Jesus name, amen.

Prayers For Anxiety and Panic Attack

God, oh, you did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. I asked your peace permeate every thread of my being. Anxiety and panic must flee At The Mention Of The Name Of The Lord Jesus. Speak peace to my spirit, peace to my mind in Jesus name amen


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Prayers For Anxiety At Work

Father I thank you for my job, I think you that you have something better for me down the road. While I am here help me do my work as I am doing it unto you. I pray that you bless and keep everyone on this job and protect them. Help all of my bosses and coworkers, I know that you love them. In Jesus name, amen.

God, I ask you to give me the grace to make it through this day. The only way I can make it is if you help me. I know that I am here for a reason and for a season, please grant me the piece to make it through this day in Jesus name, amen.


Prayers For Test Anxiety

God, I ask you to give me peace in my mind as I take this test. I ask you to bring into remembrance all the answers that I’ve studied for, and grace to score great. Let me not be overwhelmed. Help me to understand each question and to answer it to my best ability. Thank you that my Best Is Yet To Come in Jesus name, amen.

Prayers Taking Authority Over The Spirit Anxiety

Right now, I take authority over the spirit of anxiety. I declare that you have no place in my life. I have the rest of the Lord as my inheritance, and his peace is my protection. Not only that, but I bind any spirit that wishes to burden me or try to steal my peace in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Spirit of anxiety, I bind you now in Jesus mighty name. I speak peace to my body, I speak peace to my mind, I speak peace to my family and I speak peace to my finances. As a Christian, I step into life and life more abundantly through the finished work of Christ crucified. I am healed, I am whole, I am delivered in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Bible Declarations Against Anxiety

Lord, I know that you said in your word that I should be anxious for nothing. God, I thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding, that is my inheritance. I decree that the rest of God will show up in greater ways. Anxiety must flee in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Lord, you said in your word that you would carry my burdens, I know that you’re loved has the power to set me free from my overwhelming anxiety and fears. I declare your peace over my life right now in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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