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Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn | Full Interview

Brian “Head” Welch of KoRn | The Holy Spirit, Spirituality and Religion | TruthSeekah Podcast

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Brian “Head” Welch from the rock band KoRn joins TruthSeekah in this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast as they talk about relationship with Jesus, The Holy Spirit, push back from judgmental religious Christians and music!


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In 2005 Brian “Head” Welch quit the band KoRn after surrendering his life to Christ. Since then his journey has taken him to many places all over the world to share his story across many platforms. He reunited with Korn on-stage at the Carolina Rebellion on May 5, 2012 for the first time in seven years, and on May 2, 2013, officially announced rejoining the band. Brian also shares Christ with KoRn fans offering prayer for those open after the concerts.

Head has been a huge inspiration in my life ever since he gave his life to Jesus. His walk and his huge love for God and people have always shown through every interview and interaction he has done in public. Its also been very encouraging to see how he has handled all the ridicule not only from the media but also continued persecution from many in the religious community. His heart to honor and respect every person no matter where they are at on their journey is amazing and something I believe more people should learn from.


Head has also recorded a few videos on YouTube of something that he calls “Love Drunk Headly” where he talks about the goodness of God and the beauty of the Holy Spirit. Those videos are very powerful and show God in a relational way.

Heads other band “Love and Death” recently released a new album entitled Perfectly Preserved which charted the top of Billboards Rock Charts.

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