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Guy In Wheelchair Gets Pushed Into The Mosh Pit At P.O.D. Concert. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.

This past week, the triple-platinum selling rock band P.O.D. celebrated one of their fans who got pushed into the mosh pit at their concert at The Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Al, led by a courageous act. Live concerts are changing, and they are beginning to open up to accepting literally everyone.

Jumping and slamming chaos is usually how people would describe a mosh pit, often somewhere people don’t think of seeing a wheelchair. Yet, this past week at a P.O.D. concert in Mobile, Alabama, United States, a wheelchair-bound fan was celebrated by the mosh pit and P.O.D.’s frontman Sonny Sandoval (also co-founder of The Whosoevers).

A viral video has been circulating about the experience that starts with the flashing lights and loud sounds that are known to accompany rock concerts and shows. There was an attendee who got to experience the mosh pit from his wheelchair directly.


With no notice, the guy in the wheelchair (Stephen Scott) got pushed into the pit by his friend behind him. Then, after a few moments of calibrating, the crowd’s awareness shifted to include their new wheelchair-bound member. In riotous compassion, the entire crowd began to swarm and swirl around Stephen and include him in the pit while dancing to the music, moving and twirling around wildly, with Stephen screaming joyously within the mosh pit. It didn’t end there. A loud, “Give it up for my man!” was called from the band to the crowd and mosh pit.

With recognition from the stage, P.O.D.’s frontman gestured for the guy in the wheelchair to move up towards the stage. In support, and cautiously for the safety required to navigate a wheelchair through the powerful environment of a live rock show, the pit escorted him through the crowd. Like opening up the waters of a sea, it was smooth wheeling through the mosh pit and up to the front.

By the time the wheelchair made it up to the barrier, the lead singer, Sonny Sandoval, reached out & embraced his fan and now friend by kissing his hand and laying hands on him with a strong loving embrace. Next, the singer seemed to say a personal prayer over him without asking him to move from his wheelchair. Their interaction was more than a brief token acknowledgment, there was a real connection made, person to person, through the music and through faith. 

Sonny Sandoval Embracing Stephen Scott

After the song that was playing came to an end (Without Jah, Nothin) and the chords of the next song began to form, there was an invitation for him to come up onstage. He enjoyed the rest of the show from onstage at stage right. The completion of the concert was full of emotions and raw expression, both amplified by the loving acceptance shared by fan to performer, and performer to fan.

Stephen Scott and TruthSeekah

Nights like these serve as a reminder that nothing is really dividing us, we are all one.

The concert was held at Soul Kitchen in Mobile, Alabama as part of P.O.D.’s Satellite 20th Anniversary Tour.


Links below to a TikTok video showing the wheelchair mosh pit story from in the crowd; an inspiring story for those experiencing disabilities, limited function, or social anxiety. 


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1 Comment

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